Just Talkin’ for Sept. 29, 2022


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Times will Geaux Pink in support of all who currently battle, have won and in memory of those whom have lost their battle.
Let’s say a little prayer for our fiends in Florida. From all accounts, Hurricane Ian is going to be a major event. And it looks like no part of the state is going to escape.
We have fortunately…so far…escaped the hurricane and tropical storm weathers…and the cleanup.
JT almost doesn’t want to bring up the wonderful weather we’ve had this week. Cool mornings and evenings with temperatures throughout the day very, very pleasant. It’s just what we’ve been waiting for all summer.
The time to pay back their assistance to us in stormy times is right around the corner and JT hopes if you are able in some small way to lend them a hand…you will.
Congratulations to the Demon Football team and coaches on getting their first win of the young season…and for doing it at home…and a conference game at that.
That one victory moved the Demons from a tie for last place in the league to a tie for first. That’s because just two of the league teams, NSU and Southeastern, won their opening conference games while two conference teams lost..to the above mentioned…and the remaining four teams open Conference play this week.
Nichols, who is 0-4, opens their league play against NSU here on Saturday afternoon.
Good luck Demons.
Speaking of the Demons…JT was told that all of our home games would be daytime games. It seems there is a problem holding night games under the lights at Turpin Stadium.
JT understands they are in line to be replaced…but that’s the problem…they are in line. That may be why the attendance was listed at 4,371. They played before 26,000 at Southern Miss and 12,591 in Shreveport when they faced Grambling. (JT didn’t report attendance for the season opening game in Montana…because on the Demons.com website attendance was listed as “1”. Maybe that was the number of people who traveled from Natchitoches.)
Winning may help…but with games in the afternoon and temperatures in the high 80s and 90s many of our longtime season ticket holders will opt for the comfort of home.
JT was in line at a store the other day and one of the customers in front of him asked for an extra paper bag.
JT didn’t investigate it….but he believes the Saints are turning back into the Aints…and the customer was getting the extra bag for his face covering for next week.