Little kid, big shoes to fill


Mason McCart
Fourth grader Heath Methvin had the unique opportunity to become the head of St. Mary’s Catholic School for a day.
While being aided by the current principal, Jason Lachica, the dynamic duo completed multiple tasks around the school: student uniform checks, morning prayers and signing purchase orders.
When asked about the opportunity, Methvin had much to say, “I looked forward to seeing my brother and sister in their classes the most. My favorite part of the day was when I made my brother do wall sits! The most valuable thing I learned today was that Principal Lachica has to sign papers every 15 seconds.”
When asked if he would do it again, he replied with an enthusiastic yes! Even though Principal Methvin might have only existed for one day, it will be remembered for a lifetime. 
The opportunity was the result his parents winning the Principal for a Day chance at the Casino Night Fundraiser last year.