New store brings jobs, economic boost to Town of Campti


Juanice Gray
Campti Mayor LaRon Winslow said the Family Dollar/Dollar Tree on Hwy 71 is expected to be completed Feb. 1, 2023, with a projected opening date of March 2, 2023. The Campti Town Council issued the permit for the store Sept. 20.
“I am excited to welcome this combination store to Campti. The addition of this business in Campti will give our local and surrounding area residents more neighborhood shopping options and create quality jobs. Campti residents rely on cost and convenience in making purchasing decisions and this addition to our community will focus on these areas,” Winslow said. “I trust that Family Dollar/Dollar Tree will become an engaged business and community partner in Campti and will work with us to create economic opportunities as our city continues to grow.”
He said the company approached him about two years ago concerning opening the
10,537 square foot store that will employ six people.
“These stores will have a positive impact on our community.  They will bring in new sales and property tax revenue for our city, create jobs and expand shopping options for customers,” Winslow said.
Contractor for the project is Culbertson Contractors LLC of Brookhaven, Miss.