What do Adam Sandler and Country Club goers have in common?

Brantley Grey, Shelbi Sampson, Emma Giddens, and Addison Teddlie styled for Chief Day. BethAnne  Methvin

They both go to Natchitoches Central!

BethAnne Methvin

With homecoming week behind us, the teachers are breathing a sigh of relief, while the students are hanging their heads! Per usual, Natchitoches Central students came up with some wild (and unique) spirit dress-down days.
Monday started tame with the classic “pajama day.” Students showed up in matching sets, slippers and even snuggies!
On Tuesday, students had the option to dress hillbilly or posh, with the theme of “Country versus Country Club!” Many fathers were sure to have been confused on Monday night when their daughters asked to wear their waders and hunting boots to school. Equally represented, the “country club goers” donned athleisure and tennis racquets.
On Wednesday came the sea of baggy basketball shorts and backward baseball caps. Hello Adam Sandler Day!

Finally, on Thursday, Natchitoches Central students came dressed in their best spirit wear for “Chief Day”. The tradition of jean painting continues and hundreds of students showed up to school sporting brightly painted maroon and gold denim.