FAUNA needs loving foster, permanent homes for pups like Buckie

Buckie and others like her need loving foster, and ultimately, permanent homes.

Submitted by FAUNA (Friends All United for Natchitoches Animals)
Don’t look, and it will go away, right? WRONG!!
It’s easy to turn away from things that are disturbing. Change won’t come if we bury our heads in the sand or turn away from the unpleasantness that surrounds us daily but we choose not to see. This is just one call, one story of many received daily – hourly, by the rescue groups in Natchitoches Parish. Rescuing knows no time or day. The phone rings and you hear the plea, “Can you help?” We never know what we will be faced with and what help will be needed. We go, without hesitation.
The call comes on a Saturday, with the caller saying there are two dogs in a crate who have been shot in the head, execution style, and another in a culvert, not moving. You go, in the pouring rain, down a road with no signs, and no cell service and pray this pup is still alive. You pray for the two who aren’t, in the hopes they didn’t know what was happening. You know they were frightened and confused because they looked to their “owners” for love and care, and couldn’t understand what they had done wrong to deserve to be taken out in a crate and shot in the back of the head. And you can’t help but pray that justice comes to anyone who would be so heartless.
You arrive to a scene like you have been to so many times before. You prepare for the worst and pray for the best.
Would it be a rescue or a burial?
You start walking, looking for a culvert, and then, you see two bony hind legs sticking out of the culvert, in a ditch filled with mud and water. Without hesitating, you move into action, crawling into the culvert on your elbows, sliding up to a still little body you hope is alive. Thankfully, there is life, but you can only see one side of the tiny face and wonder how bad the injury may be on the other side. Quietly and gently, you talk and tell them it’s going to be better; you are going to make it better.
Both of you come out of the culvert, covered in mud. You can’t see the injury; all you see is blood and a face asking for help. Wrapped up, placed in a crate, passing the two that were not so lucky, you go back down this lonely road without signs and cell service, still praying you can save this one, and you do.
Her name is Buckie. She is the lucky one that survived.
Her name is a reminder of the two that did not. Buckie is derived from the word Buckshot.
Buckie is full of love. The injury she sustained was to the right side of her head, so she leans to the right. She sometimes falls over when she runs, but she gets back up and keeps going. She will not let the humans that tried to kill her keep her from living. She is the sweetest, most gentle creature, who looks at you with loving, hopeful eyes. When she wags her tail, her entire body moves. She is a happy girl, despite the terror of that horrible day, and she is learning that all people are not cruel.
Her playmate at the vet’s office is a cat, but Buckie needs a quiet place to continue to heal and recuperate.
If you would like to help Buckie during her recovery, please contact us to foster this survivor.
It will take time, and she may continue to lean a little to the right, but with a loving person guiding the way, she will only get stronger. By helping Buckie, you can be a positive part of her life and know you are righting a wrong done to her and the ones that did not survive.
Buckie, and other survivors like her, needs a lot of loving attention to return to full health, and if you can be that person and foster, call 318-471-0546 or text 318-663-0485.