Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Oct. 6, 2022


JT doesn’t know if we should call this year’s NSU Demon football team the Come Back Kids or the Cardiac Kids.
Their last two home victories have been intense.
Last week’s win over Nicholls, the Demons scored two touchdowns with just over a minute and a half left to play. That phenomenal finish ranks as one of the best comebacks in Demon football history.
This is the first time …in a long, long time, the Demons have been ranked first in the league standing. They are 2-0 in conference play.
The Demons will play out of conference this week when they visit Eastern Illinois.
There’s just no way to explain it!
JT’s talking about plans he’s heard to offer curb-to-curb taxi service in the parish. That makes about as much sense as a roundabout on Texas Street.
JT is more than a little perturbed after reading the Sunday newspaper account of the LSU-Auburn football game. The state papers and many LSU fans are calling it “an ugly victory” which JT doesn’t understand. In the record books it will be listed as a victory. Critics of LSU Coach Brian Kelly aren’t pleased with his coaching but JT wonders if they would rather have had a “pretty loss.” Monday morning quarterbacks who have never stepped onto a football field just don’t like Kelly and probably never will.  
Speaking of LSU football, JT read an article about former Tiger coach Ed Orgeron and then looked up the accompanying video from an interview he did. He told this story on himself. He was called into a meeting with LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward knowing he was going to be fired.  Woodward didn’t mince words and told him he was fired but he would get to take the buyout of $17.2 million with him. Coach O enthusiastically said, “Where’s the door?” Typical Coach O.
Some folks are never happy. JT was scrolling on social media and came across one group that posts about the roads in Natchitoches Parish. JT was startled to see pictures of part of the new Bermuda Road and read that folks are complaining that it will now become a raceway.
Who’s a good steward of the public’s money?
It’s not New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell. She spent $30,000 on first class airfare for two trips to Europe recently.
JT reads city policy is not to fly first class, but the mayor has refused to repay the city for those expenses.
Then there’s Governor John Bel Edward who flew last week to London for state business and attended the Saints-Vikings game. Edwards flew coach and paid around $1,800.
JT knows you’re probably tired of hearing about football….BUT….Did you realize that Lakeview High’s football team is 4-1 and on a four game winning streak this season? They have a huge district game on Friday when they host the Winnfield Tigers, also 4-1.