Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Oct. 10, 2022


We all like to brag about our Christmas season…but JT thinks the Fall in Natchitoches is just as beautiful.
Just take a drive around the downtown area and see how the city crews have transformed our community with floral displays. It’s really beautiful. It just doesn’t last long enough because Christmas is right around the corner. Already some of those displays are up…but because they are on the Williams Avenue side of Cane River they don’t distract from the downtown displays.
JT thinks the city’s horticulture department just doesn’t get the credit they deserve. Theirs is a year round job and they do it soooo well. Hats off to that department.
He’s not surprised but JT hasn’t seen any enrollment numbers at Northwestern. Many on campus had predicted a drop in enrollment.
Usually right after Labor Day we see big stories about enrollment growth over the spring numbers and the numbers from last fall. JT has heard reports that both university and on-campus enrollment is “considerably down” this semester.
Reasons have included everything from COVID, cost and too many other options for students. Or perhaps there simply may be other reasons students are opting out of college life.
The university is an economic engine of our community…we need it to succeed.
As enrollment drops so does the amount of money spent in the community. Then there’s the pool of those students who choose to live off campus and if they don’t come that means we end up with lots of vacant rentals.
Enrollment declines hit the NSU budget in revenue loss because it’s still paying utility costs on dorms and classrooms that are no longer full or under-utilized. Yet, we are tearing down old buildings and putting up new ones like good times are ahead.
JT…and many in the community…are not so sure good times are in fact ahead. Many are speculating that the future is not so bright and small schools like NSU might not survive the next decade….as we know them.
JT was listening to the radio the other day and he heard a song he wasn’t familiar with…but he really got a chuckle out of the chorus.
The chorus says, “So Long! Tank full of gas-four wheels turning- down the road I’m burning- can’t say I would, can’t say I wouldn’t, but if I don’t come back, don’t come looking.
Now that’s a beer drinking song if he ever heard one.