Chiefs upset Shreveport Gators in district match-up


BethAnne Methvin
The Natchitoches Central Chiefs football team traveled to Shreveport Friday, Oct. 14 to compete in a district game versus Captain Shreve High School. The Shreveport Gators were previously 3-3 and 0-3 in district play, while the Chiefs were 2-4 and 1-2 in district play. After falling 31-20 to the Gators the previous season, the Chiefs were inspired to make a comeback this year. With several starters out, such as their starting quarterback and wide receiver, Captain Shreve was at a slight disadvantage.
The game began with a Gator touchdown, followed by a failed conversion. Seconds later, the Chiefs evened the score with a shovel pass from senior quarterback Brian (BJ) Young to wide receiver Camryn Davis. A failed kick left the score tied. The first quarter saw two more Natchitoches Central touchdowns, with a six-yard rushing touchdown by Young, followed by a failed conversion, and a 43-yard rushing touchdown by senior Jeremiah Miles, followed by a failed kick. The second quarter began 18-6, Chiefs.
Opening the second quarter ambitiously, the Gators scored a 28-yard field goal, bringing the score to 18-9. The Chiefs quickly struck back. Young made a 32-yard touchdown pass to Davis, followed by yet another failed conversion. Halftime saw the Chiefs still confidently in the lead at 24-9.
Miles scored his second touchdown of the night on a 13-yard run, also followed by a failed conversion. The fourth quarter saw the final touchdown, a 9-yard rushing touchdown by the Gators, with a successful two-point conversion to follow. While not a shining night for conversions, the Chiefs managed to take an unpredicted win against the Shreveport Gators and displayed an efficient offense.
The Chiefs now improve their overall record to 3-4 and 2-2 in district play. Will the Chiefs be able to improve their district standing yet again? Join Natchitoches Central at Parkway High School this Friday at 7 p.m. Oct. 21 to see for yourself. Students – don’t be the one to forget your lei or grass skirt at home- the student section theme is Hawaiian!