Mayor continues to meet with citizens each Friday morning

Retired NSU basketball coach Mike McConathy, right, discusses an upcoming meeting with university President Dr. Marcus Jones with Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr. Friday, Oct. 14. Nathan Wilson

Nathan Wilson
Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr. continued a tradition of welcoming Natchitoches stakeholders to sit down for a Friday morning chat, Oct. 14. The meetings outside City Hall serve as an opportunity for residents to discuss issues affecting their community directly with the Mayor.
A visit by Mike McConathy prompted a discussion of the retired basketball coach’s plans to remain involved in the community. Williams also enjoyed a visit by longtime acquaintance Julia Coleman, who was visiting Natchitoches with friends and used the opportunity to update the mayor on their new business venture in Shreveport.
The Mayor’s outreach efforts include a recent letter to the editor he submitted to the Natchitoches Times and other media outlets detailing his love for the City of Natchitoches, his dedication to its responsible stewardship and his attempts to secure funding for critical infrastructure through a combination of local funding and federal and state grant awards.
The Mayor’s Friday morning chats begin at approximately 9 a.m. each Friday and provide an avenue for the public to approach the mayor with ideas and concerns in an informal setting.