Road Report


Carolyn Roy
The Parish Government Highway Department performed 210 jobs during September according to the report submitted to the Parish Council by Interim Director Dustin Hightower. He said the lack of rain hampered road work because the dirt was like powder and hard to work with.
The jobs cost a total of $301,975; $58,214 for labor; $87,437 for materials and $156,324 for equipment. The department worked on 41 miles of roads.
There were 10 jobs related to churches or cemeteries.
There were four jobs in District 1 represented by Chris Paige. They cost a total of $2,832 with $1,205 for labor, $932 for materials and $695 for materials.
The crew cut limbs and added gravel on Rufus Morgan Road and installed a sign on Ann Street. There was minor miscellaneous work on Parish property.
In District 2 represented by Bill Allen, there were 13 jobs that cost $18,490. Of the total, labor cost $4,256, materials cost $4,421 and equipment cost $9,811.
The crews worked on the road on Fulton, bushhogging and cutting limbs on Fish Hatchery Road; blading and adding gravel, coldmix patching and installing a sign on Pratt Lane; coldmix patching on Riverview Drive; adding reclaim and installing street sign on Soloman Lane; and coldmix patching on Melle Street and Cedar Bend.
There were six jobs in District 3 represented by Jim Kilcoyne. The total was $8,887 with $1,806 for labor, $2,635 for materials and $4,446 for equipment. Most of Kilcoyne’s district is within the City limits. The six jobs included a field investigation on Grappe’s Bluff, road work on R. Ray Road, work done for City on Parish property that was minor; collection work on Blanchard Road and Vienna Bend.
Marty Cheatwood represents District 4 that had 132 jobs. The total spent was $194,601 with $40,230 for labor; $47,051 for materials and $107,319 for equipment. The jobs represented work on 41 miles.
There were numerous jobs. Some 35 jobs consisted of bushhogging, clearing trees from roads and removing limbs in addition to direct road work. Among the jobs were ditching, culvert installation and blading at Weaver Cemetery for just over $14,000; adding gravel and reclaim, grading, coldmix patching, blading and cutting shoulders on Allen-Marthaville and Allen-Beulah totaling just over $7,000; adding gravel on Ernest Durr Road, $7,000; ditching and adding material on Lyle Walker Road, $10,000; bushhoging, coldmix patching and general road work on Shady Grove Road for just under $20,000; blading, ditching and general road work on Robert Coffee Road for approximately $22,000;
John Salter represents District 5 that had 55 jobs with $77,165 spent. Of the total, $10,715 for was labor, $32,398 was for materials and $34,053 was for equipment. The jobs included approximately $24,000 on Crossroads Church Road for blading and adding gravel; $5,000 on Page Hill Road for gravel; $7,500 on Bay Spring Road for blading and adding gravel. Some $4,500 was spent on installing culverts on Parish roads.
In his report, Parish President John Richmond said:
Bermuda Road: Base work, and asphalt work is expected to be complete in November.
Hart Road: Apeck Construction LLC’s contracts have been signed, and work is expected to begin in late November, or early December.
Harmony Road: Regional Construction, LLC’s contract has been signed and work is expected to begin in early December.