Just Talkin’ for Oct. 20, 2022


JT read the thesis from Mayor Ronnie Williams about the need for improved water services. What the mayor lacks, however; is the history of our treatment facilities.
JT’s been around longer that most of the current city leaders and remembers how hard and dedicated folks like Laird Fletcher, Pat Minturn and others in the administration of former Mayor Ray Scott worked to build up a surplus of funds in that department for the future needs of the city.
It was Mayor Lee Posey and his administration that raided that fund to the tune of over $12 million to build the recreation complex we refer to as Parc Natchitoches. (A plan that JT believes duped the voters and is still costing the city money each year to operate…it was/is Event Center 2.0.) Had that not happened, we would have had the money for the improvements Mayor Williams is seeking.
Maybe the city should sell Posey Parc and use that money to make the upgrades the mayor wants?
You might remember a month or so ago, we ran a photo of raccoons that seemed to had taken over a local yard. JT found out that a bunch of raccoons is called a nursery or a gaze…at least that’s what Google says.
A reader called JT the other day to say they were visiting a cemetery in Cloutierville when they were surprised by a group of skunks. (That’s called a surfeit…but JT thinks “stinkers” would be a better definition.) Fortunately for them (the humans)….they didn’t surprise the skunks who went on their merry way roaming through the cemetery. The humans however, made their way to the closest exit… hastily.
Like many of you….JT was flipping channels between the start of the LSU-Florida game and the Tennessee-Alabama game. He carried it one step further by listening to the NSU football game at the same time.
They all went down to the wire.
JT was exhausted after all the game drama.
Speaking of football…don’t forget it’s Northwestern’s Homecoming this weekend. Lots of activities are on tap with the football game slated for 1 p.m. against Southeast Missouri.