List of locals owed money in paper today


Listed below, you’ll find a list of Natchitoches parish residents owed money by the state of Louisiana.

The state currently has millions of dollars it wants to return to its rightful owners, but first it has to locate those to whom money is owed, according to State Treasurer John M. Schroder Sr.

The list below shows Natchitoches parish residents who have unclaimed property of various types on record in the state Treasurer’s office.

Businesses from all over the country are required by law to report unclaimed property to the Treasury each year. Sometimes, the address the company has on record is no longer correct.  Funds may be in the form of cash, stocks, bonds, securities, insurance benefits or other. The assets are reported in the name and last known address of the owner(s).

Three years ago, Schroder reported on a woman who claimed more than $2 million she didn’t know she was owed.

“It happens a lot more than you think,” Schroder said.

The $2 million returned was to a young woman whose dad had oil and gas royalties about which she was unaware.

In addition to checking the list in today’s paper you can check  for other unclaimed property on file in your name, other family members or friends that will show listings for any and all parishes in the state.


The names listed below have been reported to the Louisiana Department of the Treasury as being persons appearing to be the owners of unclaimed funds subject to the provisions of LSA-R.S. 9:151-182, Uniform Unclaimed Property Act. These funds have been presumed to be abandoned and taken into the protective custody of the Department of the Treasury. There is no deadline for claiming your money; however, you must provide proof of ownership before the funds will be released. A copy of photo identification will be required and other information that will positively identify the rightful owner may be needed. You may file a claim for this money and securely upload your documents online at Information about the property and its return to the owner is available to a person having a legal or beneficial interest in the property by contacting the Unclaimed Property Division at 1-888-925-4127, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or by writing to State Treasurer John M. Schroder, Sr., Louisiana Department of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property Division, P.O. Box 91010, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-9010. For more information about the Unclaimed Property Program, follow us on Facebook @LouisianaTreasury and on Twitter @LATreasury.


A And I Tranmission, 1625 Washington St, Natchitoches

Adams Courtney, 511 Hancock Ave, Natchitoches

Adekunle Deji, Prather Coliseum, Natchitoches

All N 1 Food Store 2, 1424 Texas St, Natchitoches

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, 3800 University Parkway Apt 432D, Natchitoches

Anding James, 845 Highway 504, Natchitoches

Anding Katherine, 845 Highway 504, Natchitoches

Armand Tricia, P.O. Box 15, Natchitoches

Averett Cindy, 161 White Ghost Rd, Natchitoches

Avr Crystal City Tenant Llc, Po Box 7100, Natchitoches

Baker James Aubrey, 6088 Natchitoches Hwy, Robeline

Balthazar Thomas D, 3061 Old River Rd, Natchitoches

Barron Phillip, 354 8 Mile Loop, Natchitoches

Bass Corie, 440 Fairgrounds Rd Lot 48, Natchitoches

Batiste Emma, 1221 Ellis St, Natchitoches

Bayonne Angela, 111 Highway 117, Natchitoches

Beaudion Robin, 6853 Hwy 6, Natchitoches

Beaudoin Richard, 1355 Patrick Rd, Natchitoches

Bedgood Joshua D, 111 Boudreaux St, Natchitoches

Benoit Alanna, 100 N Melrose Avenue, Natchitoches

Bergeron Perry, 209 Ralph St, Natchitoches

Bice Debra T, 2630 Fish Hatchery Rd Lot, Natchitoches

Blackston Marjorie, 818 5Th St, Natchitoches

Boudreaux Quentin C, 810 Watson Dr, Natchitoches

Bounds C M, Po Box 423, Campti

Bounds Logan, 500 Davis Springs Rd, Campti

Braden Jonathan, Po Box 203, Clarence

Bradley Katie, 608 Pavine St, Natchitoches

Broadway Jessica H, 348 Saint Francis Ave, Natchitoches

Brockner Brenda E, 6 Rue Lexie Xing, Natchitoches

Brossette Joseph, 283 Highway 495, Cloutierville

Brown Arrie, 3235 Highway 119, Melrose

Brown James Earl, 3093 Highway 119, Melrose

Brown Jessica J, 804 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Natchitoches

Brown Quitishia, 8071 Highway 9, Campti

Bryant Olivia Elizabeth, 156 Wilkerson Road, Natchitoches

Bullock Danika, 174 Main Street, Natchitoches

Burton Andrew, 1313 W Lakeshore Dr, Natchitoches

Cabins Blind Faith, 610 Elvira Dr, Natchitoches

Cajun Lubes, 329 Blanchard Rd, Natchitoches

Caldrer Daie, 3798 Hwy 119, Natchez

Calhoun Classie, 820 Gentry Davis, Natchitoches

Canebrake Cafe, 584 Front St, Natchitoches

Carey Chelsea N, 100 South Williams Ave Apt2, Natchitoches

Carlson George J, 400 Tom Smith Rd, Robeline

Carter Billie L G, 236 Keyser Ave, Natchitoches

Carter Faye Rachelle, 507 Virginia Ave, Natchitoches

Carter Savannah L, 1430 Williams Ave, Natchitoches

Carter Thomas E, 152 Mary Drive, Natchitoches

Cates Johnny, 198 South Third St P O Box 183, Marthaville

Causeys Pharmacy Llc, 405 Bienville St. Ste B, Natchitoches

Charles D Bruce Indi Vidual, 5531 Us Highway 478, Robline

Charrier Christy, Hc 68 Box 2601, Chopin

Charrier Deborah, Po Box 198, Cloutierville

Charrier Patrick W, Po Box I98, Cloutierville

Chasteen Holly S, 854 Washinton Street, Natchitoches

Chavez Adan, 171 Robert Nobles Rd, Goldonna

Ciarrochi James, 388 Rue Degabriel #136, Natchitoches

Ciobo Claudio, Po Box 475, Ashland

Clark Tyronique, 113 Tjoe St, Natchitoches

Cobb I Rita, 724 Keyer Ave, Natchitoches

Cochron James P, 805 Highway 3191, Natchitoches

Coker Jimmy D, 205 Hilltop Rd, Goldonna

Cole Albert M, Po Box 483, Natchitoches

Coleman Herman L, 927 Anita St, Natchitoches

Coleman Leman, 418 Catholic Lane, Clarence

Coleman Macy, 100 Sibley Lake Dr Apt 17, Natchitoches

Coleman Quinton, 4070 University Pkwy Side A, Natchitoches

Coleman Reese, 126 Chris Barnett Rd, Goldonna

Colquitt Eloise Theresa, 329 Keegan Drive, Natchitoches

Cook Mingo, 3800 University Pkwy, Natchitoches

Copeland Corp, 100 Industrial Dr, Natchitoches

Corkern Crews, Po Box 1036, Natchitoches

Coward Ashanti R, 189 Hwy 119 Apt 25, Natchez

Crain Carl Estate Of, Po Box 271, Provencal

Daigre Joshua C, 380 Blanchard Rd, Natchitoches

Dan Bar South Llc, Po Box 2563, Natchitoches

Dartez Terry, 1529 Barclay Drive, Natchitoches

Davidson Sammie, 1105 Hwy 155, Ashland

Davis Clarence J, 525 Myrtle Dr, Natchitoches

Davis Donald, 248 Lake Dr., Campti

Deans Sidney, 1390 Highway 71 84, Campti

Demars Lloyd, Po Box 287, Natchez

Denney Jeff, 440 Mr Ed Ln, Natchitoches

Derosier Tajh R, 304 2Nd St, Natchitoches

Devargas Richard E, 727 Second St, Natchitoches

Dew’S Loan Company, Inc., 915 Third Street, Natchitoches

Dillard Shelby, 1048 Albritton Rd, Robeline

Dockens Laura E, 478 Tom Smith Rd, Robeline

Dominique Drake, 115 A Behan Street, Natchitoches

Drinkard Angela D, 119 Schoolhouse Rd, Cloutierville

Dubois Sherry, 173 Hicks Rd # A, Natchitoches

Dunn Ryan, 153 Thomas Rd, Campti

Dunn Sandra, 1019 Loren Ave, Natchitoches

Durr Joshua, 183 Anthony Church Rd, Robeline

Dykes Derrick, 140 Gibson St, Natchitoches

E Ann Price, 160 Sandra St, Natchitoches

Ebert Janice, 133 Kaffie Dr, Natchitoches

Ebert Lowell, 417 Jefferson St, Natchitoches

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, 5335 University Parkway, Natchitoches

Edward Est Of Lynch, 210 Carey Scarborough Rd, Natchitoches

Erwin Jefferson, 152 Gary Salard Rd, Campti

Este Robert L, 1469 Keyser Ave, Natchitoches

Evans Alice, 133 Cherokee Dr, Natchitoches

Evans Anita M, 192 Riverside Ln, Natchez

Evans Henry, 133 Cherokee Dr, Natchitoches

Evans Telethia, 501 Demeziere St, Natchitoches

Evans Timothy, 145 Mills St, Campti

Eversull Stephen Van, P O Box 2727, Natchitoches

Fair James Rex, P O Box 1228, Natchitoches

Fairchild Pam, 102 Trichel Road, Goldonna

Falk Edna Camille, 315 Williams Ave, Natchitoches

Fisher Vernell, 266 Lake Drive, Campti

Flatland Apts, Fair Property Mgmt 100 Hazel Dr, Natchitoches

Fletcher Jack, 269 Chris St, Natchitoches

Fletcher Jack Shelby, 410 S Jefferson, Natchitoches

Flynn Thomas B, 318 Parkway Dr, Natchitoches

Foster Tony L, 703 Winnona St, Natchitoches

Frame Emily, 911 3Rd Street, Natchitoches

Franklin Natasha, 298 Vienna Rd, Natchitoches

Franks Lucas, 180 Pete Slaughter Rd, Campti

Free Jason W, 109 Craig Loop, Robeline

Freeman Brandon, 200 Bobby Cooper Rd Mobile Home, Natchitoches

French Justin D, 132 Gabrielle Loop, Natchitoches

Frost Christian, 449 Bayou Blue, Robeline

Ftrc Ltd Ptnr Homewood, C/O Dimension Dev. Inc. Po Box 7100, Natchitoches

Funderburk William B, 287 Highway 3191, Natchitoches

Funtime Palace Llc, 410 Touline St, Natchitoches

Galbreth Brittanie L, 100 Williams Ave, Natchitoches

Galvan Esperanza M, 369 Highway 3191, Natchitoches

Gandy J R, 6649 Rocky Springs Rd, Marthaville

Garcia Jose M, 263 Wilkerson Rd, Natchitoches

Garcia Rogelio, 213 Paula Lane, Natchitoches

Gardner James, Nsu Box 4187, Natchitoches

Garland Brian C, 8030 Hwy 9, Campti

Garner Roger, 934 North Goodwill S, Goldonna

Gas System, Po Box 400, Provencal

Gatewood Eunice G, Po Box 116, Natchez

Gauntt Cody Allen, Po Box 269, Provencal

Georgia Roberson, Po Box 122, Campti

Geraghty Brian, 515 Fairgrounds Lot 54, Natchitoches

Giammone Michael J, 5676 Rowe Road, Creston

Gibson Daryan, 601 Hancock Ave, Natchitoches

Gidget Todd, P.O. Box 241, Campti

Gill Sheila C, 380 Blanchard Rd, Natchitoches

Gillie Latonzia P, 9359 Highway 1, Natchitoches

Gillie Robert Earl, 9359 Highway 1, Natchitoches

Glass Marvin, 147 Aloys Circle, Natchitoches

Goldman Equipment, 1608 Texas Street, Natchitoches

Goldman Lawn Tractor Inc, 1608 Texas Street, Natchitoches

Gordon Lisa L, 7368 Hwy 84, Natchitoches

Graham Harry D, 842 Pavie St, Natchitoches

Grand Rental Station, 404 Rapides Dr, Natchitoches

Gray Charles R, 1378 Highway 1225, Natchitoches

Gray Steven, 774 Highway 504, Natchitoches

Green Brandon, 803 Oilfield Rd, Ashland

Greer Roy, 410 Parker Rd, Campti

Gresham Patricia T, 420 Williams Avenue, Natchitoches

Grimcy Tiffany, 1120 Washington St Apt/Suite# 1, Natchitoches

Guin Jacob, 129 Leads Camp Rd, Campti

Gurst Mitchell L, 431 5Th St, Natchitoches

Gurst Viva I, 431 5Th St, Natchitoches

Haley Ashley E, 1982 Williams Ave, Natchitoches

Hall Eartha, Po Box 154, Clarence

Hargis Margaret J, 7 Rue Lexie, Natchitoches

Harris Brittiney, 601 Ouida Dr, Natchitoches

Hart Shenekqua, 106 John Dr, Natchitoches

Hassan Ernestine, 2735 Highway 119, Melrose

Hawkins Tammy, 146 Payne Drive, Natchitoches

Helaire Chioke N, 1508 Dixie St, Natchitoches

Heliare Queen E, 158 Rex Water Well Blvd, Natchitoches

Hicks Wayne, 139 Hicks Rd, Natchitoches

Hightower William T, P O Box 7361, Natchitoches

Hill Amanda R, 175 Sam Sibley Dr, Natchitoches

Hill Nicholas, 3800 University Pkwy Apt 932, Natchitoches

Holden Altorio, 192 Plantation Point Blvd, Natchitoches

Holloway Dorotha, 221 Hwy 6 E, Clarence

Holman Janet, 1384 Highway 71, Campti

Holmes Josephine, 812 Watson Dr, Natchitoches

Holmes Marshall, 812 Watson Dr, Natchitoches

Holmes Terrence, 113 Juzan St, Natchitoches

Holt Karen Beth, Po Box 160, Robeline

Humphrey Rosia, 246 Main St, Natchez

Ink Slinging, 105 Isadore St, Natchitoches

Iota Beta Chapter Of Eta Sigma Phi, 110 Morrison Hall, Natchitoches

Ivey Thomas E, 161 Roy Frederick Rd, Natchitoches

Jackson Bobby, 1320 Bevens St, Natchitoches

James A Baker Revocable Trust, 6088 Natchitoches Hwy, Robeline

James Veterinary Clinic, 7107 Hwy 1 Bypass, Natchitoches

Jenkins Patricia, 16015 Highway 84, Natchitoches

John Batten, 4645 Highway 494 Large Power, Natchez

Johnson Al, 110 Cedar Grove Dr, Natchitoches

Johnson Cornelia Faye, 2465 Hwy 479, Goldonna

Johnson Lonnie, 1430 Hill Ave, Natchitoches

Johnson Victoria, 1213 Grayson St, Natchitoches

Jones Natalie, 512 Hedges St, Natchitoches

Jones Rebecca M, 122 Willow Bend Rd, Natchez

Jones Vira, 2125 Hwy 119, Natchez

Jordan Cody, 10067 Hwy 1 S, Natchitoches

Jordan Evelyn, 3997 North Blvd, Robeline

Jordan Jody, C O Williams Family Law Firm P, Natchitoches

Joseph Jasmine, 131 Perot St, Campti

Joseph Tevin, 1423 Berry Ave, Natchitoches

Joshi Purvesh S, 5335 University Pkwy, Natchitoches

Joy L & Steve Rains, 2919 Buster Lewis Rd, Robeline

Jules Turner Md, 615 Bienville St, Natchitoches

Junew Henry, 518 Oakland Dr, Natchitoches

Keiffer Jonathan, 3732 Highway 484 M H, Natchez

Kelly Donna, 196 Cedar Grove Dr, Natchitoches

Kelly Gloria Mae R, 516 Tahoe Avenue, Natchitoches

Kerr Haakon, 1798 Highway 3175 Byp, Natchitoches

Kimble Betty, 176 Shady Grove Rd, Natchitoches

Kniffin Rebecca, 1154 Highway 1221, Marthaville

La Cabe Shelia G, 2504 Highway 491, Cloutierville

Lacabe Lionel W, 2504 Highway 491, Cloutierville

Lacaze Angel, 143 Bills Rd Lot 20, Natchitoches

Lacaze Deborah Ann Foshee, Po Box 823, Natchitoches

Lacroix Barbara, 216 River Bend Dr, Natchitoches

Landrum Shirley F, 111 Watson Dr, Natchitoches

Lebrun Sam, Rt 1 Box 31, Campti

Lee Stephen H, 114 Antley Rd, Natchitoches

Leon Shelia G, 2504 Hwy 491, Cloutierville

Linger John J, 1707 Cane River Parkway, Natchitoches

Louisiana Crawfish, 140 Russell Cemetery Rd, Natchitoches

Lucas Wendy, 584 Front St Ste 306, Natchitoches

Lucille Est Of Smith, 700 Watson Dr, Natchitoches

Lugo Antonio, 142 Jewella St, Natchitoches

M M Supermarket, P O Box 170 P O Box 170, Campti

Makar John, 294 Hwy 504, Natchitoches

Makayla Marie Dupre, 715 University Pkwy, Natchitoches

Mannings Jessie, 1528 Theophile Alley, Natchitoches

Mansfield Nicholas, 433 St Paul Church Rd, Natchez

Masterflow Technologies Llc, 5218 Hwy 1 North, Natchitoches

Matthews Glynis, 500 Saint Clair Ave, Natchitoches

Maxfield Willie, 105 South Dr Ste A, Natchitoches

Mc Ginnis Melissa A, 406 Highway 1221, Marthaville

Mcbride Lurlene, 494 Montgomery Camp Rd, Goldonna

Mccain Geneva Simmons, 100 Alloys Circle, Natchitoches

Mccain John B, 1626 Johnston Chute Road, Natchitoches

Mcdonald Burton, Po Box 507, Provencal

Mcgaskey Betty J, 7060 Hwy 478, Provencal

Mcgaskey Dennis, 237 Dennis Mcgaskey Rd, Provencal

Mcgaskey Dorothy, Hc 69 Box 126, Provencal

Mchenson Royce, 9762 Highway 120, Robeline

Mclaren Alma L, 825 Dixie St, Natchitoches

Mclaren Eurcle E, 825 Dixie St, Natchitoches

Mcmahon Phyllis, Po Box 674, Provencal

Mcmahon Walter L, Po Box 674, Provencal

Melancon D Patricia Lynne, 5517 Hwy 478, Robeline

Melder Norma C, 109 Whitfield Drive, Natchitoches

Melvin Vasquez Mateo, 302 South Dr, Natchitoches

Metoyer Nekeisha, Po Box 102, Natchez

Michael L Dupree Llc, Po Box 605, Provencal

Miles Stella, 1439 Holmes St, Natchitoches

Miller Kate, 1040 Bermuda, Natchez

Moore Amy T, 117 Chinquapin Pl, Natchitoches

Moore Jimmie, 166 Britt Ln, Marthaville

Moore Ora, P O Box 357, Robeline

Moore William A, 1207 Lake Street, Natchitoches

Moreno Oscar, 124 Orchard Run, Natchitoches

Mosley Billy, 230 Aloys Circle, Natchitoches

Mount Olive Fund, 618 Travis Guin Road, Campti

Mydunagan Tom, 408 Fifth St, Natchitoches

Natchitoches Central, 6513 Hwy One By Pass, Natchitoches

Nelson Lance B, 825 Parkway Dr, Natchitoches

Nevue Savanna, 200 Tarlton Drive, Apt 628A, Natchitoches

Nichols Johnny, Po Box 2638, Natchitoches

Nichols Sheila, 371 Saint France Ave, Natchitoches

Oakes Tracy, 388 Rue De Gabriel A2, Natchitoches

Obrien Calven, 9826 Hwy 120, Robeline

Olatinwo Moshood, 235 Ledet Dr, Natchitoches

One Stop Smoke & Vape, 235 Broadmoor Shopping Ctr, Natchitoches

Orourke Thomas, 409 Touline St Apt A, Natchitoches

Owen Justin C, 200 Tarlton Drive, Natchitoches

Pablo Bobbie L, Po Box 7017, Natchitoches

Paige Matt, 345 Pavie St, Natchitoches

Paredes Christy M, 359 Sandy Point Rd, Campti

Parker Rance, 1900 Harmony Rd, Robeline

Parker Sherry D, Po Box 434, Provencal

Parks Kevin W, 3740 Highway 487, Marthaville

Payne Mandy M, 284 Michelle Dr, Natchitoches

Perot Jamica, 208 Kingston Dr, Natchitoches

Perry Crystal, 625 Conville Circle, Natchitoches

Philen James A Sr, 206 Melrose Bend Blvd, Natchez

Phillips Isaiah, Bayou Vista 515 Fairgrounds Rd Lot 1, Natchitoches

Picht Picht, Harlan Wendell, 198 Northwood Ln, Natchitoches

Pippin Jane, 615 Williams Ave, Natchitoches

Plylar James W, 242B Keyser 313, Natchitoches

Pool Suni, 936 2Nd St Apt C, Natchitoches

Poskey Jessie O, 247 Plantation Point, Natchitoches

Possoit Christopher, 116 Shamard Dr, Natchitoches

Poynter Brenda, 233 Chinquapin Dr, Natchitoches

Pricha Guenther, 1613 De Blanc St, Natchitoches

Prince George, 295 Fenton Nichols Rd, Robeline

Procell Kristen N, 549 Highway 3191, Natchitoches

Provance Stanley, 182 Gus Rachal Rd, Campti

Pyroman Llc, 665 Pardee Rd, Campti

Qualls Tonya, 3800 University Pkwy Apt 822D, Natchitoches

Quiros Zachary Allen, 234 Riverside Ln., Natchez

Rachal Courtney S, 126 Gabrielle Loop, Natchitoches

Rains Janice, 12074 Highway 120, Marthaville

Ralston, Pob 2601 105 Bird, Natchitoches

Raynes James K, 164 Highway 6, Natchitoches

Reed Dasjuan J, 108 Tjoe St, Natchitoches

Reid Coleen W, 545 Laird Fletcher Rd, Natchitoches

Remo Aquanella Lowe, 127 Beverly Drive, Natchitoches

Reynolds Kelly Gloria M, 516 Tahoe Ave, Natchitoches

Rhine Gregory, 9188 Hwy 1 S, Natchitoches

Richards Demetria, 121 Miley Dr, Campti

Richardson Elizabeth B, 415 Robbins Drive, Natchitoches

Right Way Solution Llc, 146 Sisson Road, Natchitoches

Roberson Irene W, 128 Robertson Street, Campti

Roberson Joyce A, 116 Maricelli Street, Campti

Roberson King, 128 Robertson Street, Campti

Roberts Darlene Evans, 133 Cherokee Dr, Natchitoches

Roge Vada M, 600 Watson Dr, Natchitoches

Rogers Beatrice, 270 Pete Rodgers Rd House, Natchitoches

Ronnies Auto Glass And Collision, 200 Lakeview Dr, Natchitoches

Roy Margaret Johnson, 831 Saint Roch Ave, Natchitoches

Ruffin Anthony D, 298 Old Highway 6, Natchitoches

Ruffin Willie M, 298 Old Highway 6, Natchitoches

Russell Paul, 165 E M Johnson Rd, Campti

Sanchez Juan Daniel, 160 Rufus Morgan, Natchitoches

Sanders Vicky, 245 Patrick Rd House, Natchitoches

Sarpy Joseph, 210 Melrose Ave, Natchitoches

Schadler Elizabeth J, 1907 South Dr # 207, Natchitoches

Schadler Robert A, 1907 South Dr # 207, Natchitoches

Scimemi Patricia B, 164 Lee Stephens Road, Natchitoches

Scott Whitt, 111 Navarro Ct, Natchitoches

Scott Yoshinova, 100 Hazel 105, Natchitoches

Seaman Charles W, P O Box 835, Natchitoches

Seawood Don, 1642 W Court Dr, Natchitoches

Shon Sung H, 7624 Highway 1 Byp Rm 174, Natchitoches

Simmons Tracie R, 316 Whitfield Dr, Natchitoches

Singletary Wesley, 218 Julia Ann Drive, Natchitoches

Singleton Anthony, Po Box 637, Clarence

Skip Rollins, 1076 Fish Hatchery Rd, Natchitoches

Slaughter Sonya, 1127 Pavie St, Natchitoches

Slay Georgia B, 3032 Strahan Rd, Marthaville

Small Jasmine, 127 Bayou Dr., Clarence

Smith Beryl J, 164 Francis St, Natchitoches

Smith Constance A, 1815 South Dr, Natchitoches

Smith Danny Gerard, 7634 Natchitoches Hwy, Robeline

Smith Elton, 100 American Way, Natchitoches

Smith Susan, 706 Garland Rd, Natchitoches

Sowell Leola, C/O 124 Mary Dr, Natchitoches

Springer Jessie, 226 Melissa Place, Natchitoches

Spurgeon Wilmer, 229 Highway 495, Cloutierville

St Anne Catholic Church Hall C/O Father Thomas Paul, 911 5Th St., Natchitoches

Stallings Richard, 117 Kaffie Dr, Natchitoches

Stamey Law Firm, Llc, P O Drawer 1288, Natchitoches

Stephanie Guerrero, 228 Pratt Lane, Natchitoches

Sterling Kevin, 312 2Nd St Apt 3, Natchitoches

Stewart Cordell Lamonze, 215 Paula Lane, Natchitoches

Street Dennis, 136 Carter St, Campti

Sulzer William H, 211 Fairgrounds Rd, Natchitoches

Sutton Ramon, 1112 Highway 174, Marthaville

Tatum Jarred, 757 Robeline Prov Rd Lot 4, Robeline

Taylor Carrie, 1220 William Ave, Natchitoches

The Vintage Buttercup, 356 Sylvest Rd, Robeline

Thomas Johnny, 1211 Allen St, Natchitoches

Thomas Robyn, 124 Reba St Apt A, Natchitoches

Thompson Adrian, 768 Durr School Rd, Robeline

Thorn Edna M, 966 Fish Hatchery Rd, Natchitoches

Todd Chase, 173 Gus Rachel Rd, Campti

Tonys Body Shop, 842 Pavie St, Natchitoches

Tonys Body Shop, Po Box 269, Provencal

Tri Maxx Industries Llc, 146 Carmane Rd, Natchitoches

Triggs Khadijah, 700 University Pkwy Apt 207, Natchitoches

Twin Valley Resource Conservation And, 428 Dixie Plaza, Natchitoches

Uku Fauese, 392 Holman Loop, Campti

Underwood Lora S, 122 Aloys Circle, Natchitoches

Vance Jimmy D, 479 Sandy Point Rd, Campti

Vascocu Bradley G, 122 Chinquapin Place, Natchitoches

Vercher Eugene, 1667 Highway 491, Cloutierville

Vinson Terence, 316 Sibley St. C, Natchitoches

Wade Alfra, 11846 Highway 1, Natchitoches

Wade Bernard, 11886 Hwy 1, Natchitoches

Walker Christopher, 114 Fox Run Dr, Natchitoches

Walker Frank, 1612 Walker Ln, Natchitoches

Walker William L, 2536 Highway 486, Campti

Wall Harold R, 2102 Harmony Rd, Robeline

Walter Savannah M, 625 Myrtle Dr, Natchitoches

Walters Ceairia, 166 Miller Drive, Natchitoches

Ware Jacob, 199 Julia Ann, Natchitoches

Washington Latonya R, Po Box 219 242 Keyser Ave, Natchitoches

Washington Mildred, 3658 Hwy 480, Campti

Welch Coleman, 338 White Oak Lane, Natchitoches

West Daniel D, Po Box 2224, Natchitoches

White Charles, 834 Melrose Ave, Natchitoches

White Mary, 2332 Hwy 493, Natchitoches

White Roosevelt, 211 Kingston St, Natchitoches

White Roosevelt V, 211 Kingston Dr, Natchitoches

Whitehead Larry R, 2750 Highway 120, Robeline

Whitehead Sheila A, 2750 Highway 120, Robeline

Wilkins Sherry, 130 Hwy 117, Natchitoches

Williams Anna, 366 Sisson Rd, Natchitoches

Williams Betty Jo, 2916 Hwy 477, Natchitoches

Williams Corena R, 1424 Stella St, Natchitoches

Williams Family Law Firm, Po Box 15, Natchitoches

Williams James H, 1424 Stella St, Natchitoches

Williams Joe, Po Box 110, Natchitoches

Williams John, 200 Lakeview Dr, Natchitoches

Williams Kenny, 1815 South Dr Lot 1328, Natchitoches

Williams Linda, C/O 298 Vienna Rd Lot #8, Natchitoches

Williams Shirley A, Po Box 110, Natchez

Wilson James, 1502 Barclay Dr, Natchitoches

Wilson Joe Robert, 228 Julia Ann Dr, Natchitoches

Windham Jared E, 1575 Posey Rd, Natchitoches

Winston Ruth Ester, 162 Willow Bend Road, Natchez

Wise April C, 9112 Hwy 1, Natchitoches

Wise Brent L, 78 Phillips Rd, Mora

Womack Charlene, Po Box 633, Provencal

Wong Jeffrey, 111 Coleman St, Campti

Worthan James, 1710 Mcclelland Dr, Natchitoches

Worthan Miranda, 4928 Highway 3278, Natchitoches

Wright Jameelah K, 121 Emily Loop, Cloutierville

Youngblood Chad, 695 Nid Aigie Rd, Cloutierville