Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Oct. 22, 2022


JT overheard a parent talking the other day about how happy they were that their kids were no longer in high school.
They proclaimed this was the first year in about four years that their house was not decorated with toilet paper.
Driving around town, JT was happy to see that tradition is still on going…but like the parent…even happier that he didn’t have to clean that mess up.
It’s not an official post…but JT believes someone in Baton Rouge has the job of seeing how to “stick it to” Louisiana residents.
We’ve gone a couple of years…thanks to federal pandemic and disaster relief funds…with an embarrassment of riches. Now though, because of the onset of electric vehicles and vehicles that are more fuel efficient…the “gremlins” in Baton Rouge say we need to increase our road usage fees.
They are basically saying the national push for a greener environment is going to cost the state of Louisiana a half a billion dollars for roads and bridges.
There was not a single sentence is the article JT read about how to slow down or reduce this loss of funds….it was totally about how they were going to make the citizens of Louisiana make up the difference.
It’s got JT on watch for the first state official that says…I’m looking out for you”.

Huey Long is associated with the saying….Vote early and often.
While that’s not likely to happen in today’s voting process…JT did want to remind everyone that early voting starts on Tuesday, October 25. Voting is done at the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse in the Registrar of Voters Office.
There are eight constitutional amendments and 13 candidates in the race for U.S. Senator.
The ballot also contains School Board Districts 7, 9, and 10; Mayors in Campti, Provencal, Robeline and Goldonna; Police Chiefs in Campti and Robeline and Aldermen in Goldonna, Provencal, Robeline and Campti.