Cases heard in District Court


Sept. 19

RAINEY, JATERRION, Agg 2nd degree battery, guilty plea. Sentenced to 12 years w/DOC. Credit for time served. Other charges dismissed.

Sept. 20

CARDENAS, GREG EDWARD, simple battery. Dismissed. Article 61/691.

DAVIS, DYLAN DUANE, simple poss of marijuana, theft. Dismissed, Article 61/681. Sept. 21

BERRY, KYA D., theft. Dismissed. Article 61/691

Sept. 22

SOLITAIRE, DONOVAN D., Attempted Possession Of A Firearm In Presence of CDS, guilty plea. Sentenced to 5 years in DOC, suspended, 3 years probation. Pay fines and costs. Other charges dismissed.

TOUSANT, JALEEL J., b/m, 11/29/1997, principal to 1st degree murder, indicted by grand jury.