Independent Living Skills

JAG students are currently working within their Independent Living module. Students are in mock mode (19 year olds soon to be working as a correctional officer). Students will conduct a job search, construct a resume' and letter of application, complete a job application and hold mock interviews. In the last two weeks, community partners have provided invaluable expertise in the realm of banking. They include Josh Pierson, City Bank & Trust Company; Melissa Collier, Hancock Whitney; Katrice Below and Sylvia Davenport, BOM; and John Godfrey, Sabine State Bank. Above are Darrius Coleman learning banking skills from Collier.
JAG students Brilee Metoyer and Sha’Myreia Paige learn basic finance skills from John Godfrey from Sabine State Bank.
City Bank & Trust’s Josh Pierson answers questions from JAG students Kylin Perrow, Anthony Evans, Aaron Hayes, Jaquez Patterson and Ja’Carrean Miliage concerning personal finance.