Just Talkin’ for Nov. 10, 2022


Political junkies sure had a long night Tuesday…and didn’t’ learn much. JT thinks the national media in Washington is as bad as the Russians at meddling in the elections. They create “urgencies” and “narrations” that simply try to sway voters and their own ratings. Tuesday night was supposed to be the election that would change the course of our nation. WRONG. When the votes were finally tallied, history pretty much repeated itself.

The incoming President would lose seats and the majority in one of the houses of government would shift. All of the national media pundits predicted a stampede by the Republican Party. Here’s the surprise..to them anyway…that didn’t happen. The House of Representatives did shift to majority Republican members, but the Senate didn’t. It’s still almost equally divided…just like it has been under the Biden administration. Too bad we can’t throw out those politically biased commentators in the national media. We can though, switch the channel, or quit watching those shows altogether. JT thinks he’ll just start reading more.


The St. Mary’s Tigers football team gets a well-earned week off with a first round bye in the state playoffs. They will face the winner of the Hanson Memorial vs. Delta Charter contest next week in Regional action. They are 10-2 on the season and 4-1 in district play. They also moved up one spot in the polls last week to number 8. They’re our only local high school team still playing.


Speaking of still playing…..how about our NSU Demons football team? They are atop the Southland Conference standings with a 4-0-league record with two games left, Southeastern and UIW…each currently with just one conference loss. We visit Southeastern this weekend and host UIW for the season finale.

The Demons overall record is 4-5. All five losses have been at the hands of tough non-conference programs. (Excluding the disappointing Shreveport loss to Grambling). JT compares their season to that of LSU. Nobody was expecting much…but boy have they made us proud. The only difference is the two huge LSU wins (Ole Miss and Alabama) cost LSU a SEC fines of $250,000 each after fans stormed the field.


If you don’t think our little area is impacted by the global market….just look to Northwest Louisiana and the Haynesville Shale. The number of natural gas rigs has nearly doubled since last year because the war in Ukraine has sent Germany and other countries scrambling for gas of all kinds. This scramble has resulted in the creation of new liquefied natural gas facilities on the Gulf Coast, new pipelines, drilling up, prices at near record levels and higher employment.

JT hears most of the activity is in Red River and DeSoto parishes, but there has been reports of a hot spot in the Ashland area. The energy segment seems to be either boom or bust and right now it’s booming. In fact, JT heard someone say they never had a traffic jam in Coushatta until the recent activity picked up.