Storms move through Natchitoches Tuesday


National Weather Cooperative Observer Wiley Butler shared this video of the storms passing through Natchitoches Tuesday, Nov. 28.

Portions of Natchitoches Parish had severe weather conditions during Tuesday.  Hail was reported at several locations in Natchitoches Parish. Hail was reported along Hwy. 6 about 4 miles east of Robeline at 4:15 PM, about 4 miles SE of Natchitoches, 1 mile north of Hagewood, penny size hail on Posey Road near the Old Bethal Church and just west of Natchitoches.  Thunderstorm tree wind damage occurred just north of Sibley Lake along Hwy. 3191.

Shreveport’s National Weather Service reported an estimated 1.25 inch hail storm 4 miles north of Provencal and an estimated 1.75 inch hail storm in Natchitoches. Natchitoches received 1.45 inches of rainfall from this storm event with a heavy rainfall at 4:30 PM.  This amount brings November’s precipitation total to 7.94 inches. Very warm humid air mass (dewpoint 73 degrees 3:12 PM)  for late November during Tuesday caused Natchitoches’ afternoon high temperature to rise to 83 degrees.

This value is a new daily record high temperature replacing 82 degrees set in 1950 for the date.  Natchitoches’ official NOAA, NCEI climate records date to 1893.  The National Weather Service, NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center issued a Particularly Dangerous Situation (PDS)tornado watch from 12:10 PM to 7:00 PM Tuesday, which is somewhat rare for late November, along with several tornado warnings for Natchitoches Parish.

The severe weather exited Natchitoches Parish by 7:30 PM.

There were reports of trees and limbs down and at least one accident caused by a fallen tree across the road in the Belmont area.