International New Year’s traditions


In the United States,  watching the ball drop at the stroke of midnight in New York’s Times Square, in front of the television or in the streets has been an annual tradition since the early 1900s. But what about other traditions around the globe? 

In Spain the locals eat 12 grapes at midnight, while in Scotland the first person to cross through the threshold of your home after midnight should be a dark- haired male to ensure you have good luck through the year.

Brazilians throw white flowers into the ocean on New Year’s Eve to bring blessings for the year to come. 

Wearing red underwear to ring in the new year is the norm in Italy in the hopes it will help them to conceive during the year, and hanging onions on their doors is a symbol; or rebirth and growth to those in Greece. 

In the Japanese culture, sipping a bowl of   soba noodles signifies strength and a long and healthy life. Sprinkling salt on the doorstep as soon as the clock strikes midnight is good luck in Turkey.  

The French feast on champagne along with decadent foods and lots of dancing to ring in the new year. 

In Denmark the more friends and loved ones who chuck old plates on your doorstep New Year’s Eve, the more luck you will have throughout the year

Canadians start the New Year by going ice fishing and Filipinos serve 12 round fruits. 

Consider choosing one or two of these traditions from  other countries to add a bit of  fun to ring in 2023.