New Year, New Laws


A New Year means new laws. Here are some  that take effect  in Louisiana  on Jan. 1.

—Act 158 requires every one or two-family house/dwelling sold and/or leased after Jan. 1, 2023, to have at least one operable, life-long, sealed battery carbon monoxide (CO) detector.

—SB 389 states that a driver’s license can be suspended or denied renewal for failure to pay state income taxes.

—HB 142 provides liability for publishing and distributing   pornographic material to minors through the Internet.

—HB 831 provides for additional living expenses insurance coverage for homeowners. 

—SB 63 requires mandatory groups such as teachers, health care providers, and child welfare who see indications of suspected abuse that involves alleged sex trafficking, must report to the appropriate local law enforcement agency for investigation or other action as appropriate.