Drivers should use caution since school is about to be out


The last day of classes for students attending a school in the Natchitoches Parish School District is Tuesday, May 23. Students attending St. Mary’s Catholic School are dismissed Thursday, May 25.

As the end of the school year approaches, drivers and parents are reminded about the importance of keeping kids safe during the last days of school and throughout the summer months.

Those last few days of school are  an exciting time for children and they may become preoccupied and forget the rules of the road. Use extra caution when driving through school zones. Be aware that kids may be arriving or leaving school at different times throughout the day.

Also, observe carefully when driving around playgrounds and parks through the summer. Small children are less predictable and harder to see than adults. And, watch for clues such as a ball in the road or on the sidewalk because that can mean a child is playing nearby. Additionally, watch for small children when backing up the car.

Parents are reminded to teach their children to make eye contact with the driver before crossing the street. Also, children should always cross at an intersection, marked crosswalk or pedestrian crossing light. Stress the importance of walking, not running, when crossing the street, too.